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Photo by the social Smith from Pexels
Elegant through everyday life: Louis Vuitton's classics of the Neverfull series. / Photo by the social Smith from Pexels

Who a designer Bag Want to buy is quickly overwhelmed by the offer and the abundance of creations. The decision as to which format should have the potential new acquisition can drag on and seekers face challenges. For example, my dream bag is worn over the shoulder. Does this now make this a shoulder bag? Or should I seek in the category of shopping bags? Due to this wild growth in terms, we have a brief overview of our Texelab Secondhandbags Compiled so that you do not lose track on the exciting journey through the world of bags:  

1. Handbags:

The handbag is probably the most common type of bullet and also represents the most frequently used designation for bags in general. Classic handbags have one or two handles and are therefore managed in the hand or in their arms either. Many models have a removable shoulder strap, with the help of which the bags can also be carried over the shoulder, Louis Vuitton’s popular Pochette Métis is a nice example of this. One of the models with the greatest radiance in the world of classic handbags is probably the one Lady Dior from Christian Dior. The Bag It is said to have been the absolute favorite model of the former Princess Diana of Wales. Some handbags come with an optional shoulder strap. A nice example of this. Louis Vuitton’s Classic of the Speed Collection that comes as a bandoulière edition with the same, removable straps and belong to the subcategory of the Boston Bags. Business bags and smaller duffle bags are also managed in the hand and are counted among the handbags. Here, too, some models have shoulder straps for a pleasant wear. Travel bags and weekends like Louis Vuitton’s Keepall Models are also managed in the hand, but have their own category. Some bags are extensive as Tote Bags referred to and in this case usually also have an open top, but have flat, short handles and are managed in the hand. We are convinced that such bags in the category of handbags can be assigned. Once to the question of the support of a Bag To be able to answer professionally, on the other hand, for the reason that a classic shopping bag has to offer the possibility without being able to lead an additional strap on the shoulder. Other well -known handicapped types represent Doctor Bags and also Vanity Cases. Chanel’s Small companions for storing personal care products, for example, make a very good figure in everyday life. 

2. Shoulder bags:

A shoulder bag only offers the possibility to be worn over the shoulder, close to or loosely above this. The handle type of shoulder bag comes in different sizes and shapes and usually has closing closures, such as flaps with buckle closures or zippers at the upper opening. The Bucket Bags are certainly among the most popular models Louis Vuitton’s Noé Series that are closed via a cord suit. Another nice example of shoulder bags are the extremely sought -after, often also called flap bags Chanel Classicsthat are loosely carried over the shoulder using their chain straps with leather straps. Many models Prada’s Tessuto Collection and, for example, bags such as Gucci’s legendary Jackie have a short shoulder strap, but can also be assigned to the category of shoulder bags. Such bags also become hobo bags and stand out with their semicircular shape. Flat baguettes like Gucci’s Bags from the Princy Collection usually have long handles and are guided with them just as close to the shoulder. Also the glamorous Dior Saddle Bag In its original version, it is worn quite closely on the shoulder. Yves Saint Laurent offers with its shoulder bags from the Kate and Loulou Collections other beautiful variants with style. The latter bags have a double chain strap that carries the quite close to the Bag allowed on the shoulder. In a simple form, this chain strap also allows loose transport over the shoulder. In addition to long handles, some shoulder bags also have a longer, removable shoulder strap.

3. Shopping bags:

A shopping bag is also carried classically over the shoulder, However, the bags bring a few peculiarities with regard to their closure and size. The bags usually have two quite long, flat straps made of leather or canvas, the loose wearing of the Bag allow over the shoulder. Thanks to their volume, the bags offer the advantage of not having to be restricted to paths and are a stylish helper in daily doings. Shopping bags are happy to have an open top that enables quick access to the spacious interior. Some pockets are also closed via a magnetic or hook closure. Often the name Tote BAG used for such pocket models. 

However, there are also shopping bags, which meet all other requirements for the THE Type of Shopping Bag, but with the help of handles be guided in the hand. These bags are at Secondhandbags Likewise, under the Taschtype Shopping Bag, as the bags are designed to offer space for purchases and be practical. A nice example of this. Gucci’s Bamboo Shopper it. Some of them have a removable shoulder strap. 

The shopping bag with the greatest radiance should probably Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull Bag be in their different sizes. The bags are absolute classics, which in their different monogram & Damier variants and special editions are among the sales managers of the house. Also Chanel’s popular GST and the smaller variant Pst Fulfill all criteria of a luxurious shopping bag. Burberry offers Tote Bags in different variants, often wrapped in one of their popular house or Haymarket check variants. Some shopping bags that are worn on the shoulder anyway have another, removable shoulder strap. This enables a relaxed, comfortable wearing over the shoulder, such as the beautiful ones Rock stud Tote Bags of the traditional Italian company Valentino prove. Mini versions of shopping or Tote Bags are run in the hand and do not compete in the weight class of their larger relatives because of their limited size.

4. Crossbody bags:

Crossbody bags are best worn across the body thanks to their long shoulder strap. By definition, this measures at least 50cm in length to be able to ensure a high level of comfort. The mostly small bags are ideal for nightly forays and also offer both a stylish appearance and the space for everything necessary at daily events. The small bags are particularly popular Gucci’s Marmont Row. Prada’s Bags from the Cahier Collection are small works of art and are also preferably worn crossbody via their chain straps. Messenger bags are also preferably worn crossbody and also run under the Crossbodybag category. We are often concentrated with the question of whether now Chanel Classic’s Crossbody can also be worn. Here it depends on the size. With a chain length of mostly 42 cm, it is significantly higher with crossbody. It is possible, but is clearly a matter of taste. As so often, some people like this and just as many cannot do anything with it.

5. Clutches:

A clutch is carried classically in the hand and offers space for the most necessary. The small bags offer the advantage of being able to limit themselves to the bare essentials. Yves Saint Laurent’s Clutches of the lines ChycBelle de jour and Cassandre are among the most beautiful of their kind and are already considered classics. But other houses have also presented beautiful models over time. The designers of Bottega Veneta with their The Pouch Braid that is secured at the upper opening with the help of a pub.

6. Travel bags:

Travel bags can also be worn in a stylish variant. One of the most popular models in this area are Louis Vuitton’s Keepall Bags. To date, the bags have been launched in a variety of variations. Whether made of classic monograno canvas or made of colorful Epi leather, the bags always manage to generate an iconic Louis Vuitton look. The bags are ideal for a little trip. But other houses also have pocket variants in a larger, travel -compatible format. Celine’s Travel bags often wear the popular Macadam pattern and represent another beautiful option.

7. Backpacks:

For all whose daily needs are a bit larger and appreciate freedom of movement, The large houses also offer alternatives in the form of noble backpacks. If Louis Vuitton’s Montsouris Backpacks made of brown monogram canvas or off Gucci’s Bamboo Collection with their handles made of real bamboo; If you are looking for a stylish storage location for your everyday ways, you should find what you are looking for. The backpacks Prada’s Tessuto Collection are predestined to give their wearers a stylish and at the same time sporty appearance. The advantage of these models is obvious: in addition to the special appearance, the bags offer the opportunity to be carried relaxed over the back. Backpacks are an excellent option for everyone who prefer daily loads on two shoulders instead of turning their back on their backs.

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