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When the first rays of sunshine lit up the gray winter sky, Mrs. Schneider changed her wardrobe. Do you also feel this anticipation?

And now, every year, the question arises anew: Which accessories best embody the freshness of spring?

The time has come for nature to blossom in vibrant colors: are your companions ready to welcome the season?

Colorful splendor of the season

When nature puts on her colorful dress, it's time for an appropriate fashion response. Our spring collection takes up this challenge by reflecting the vibrancy and cheerfulness of the season.

The Dior Lady Dior Large in glossy red lacquerthe Chanel Coco Handle Mini in delicate pink caviar leather with golden accents and the Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini in blue Microguccissima leather; these pieces are just the beginning of our colorful spring symphony. They not only represent a coveted sense of luxury, but also act as visual highlights that embody the freshness and vibrancy of the new season.

Bright yellows, vibrant pinks and soft pastels - our collection is a tribute to the carefree elegance of spring.

Fresh red meets spring fever

The warming of the seasons is reflected in the Dior Lady Dior Large Red Patent which perfectly captures springtime feelings with its radiant red. Brilliance meets elegance and makes a powerful statement.

A dramatic color change from winter restraint to spring awakening; red patent leather is synonymous with passion and activity. It adds a dimension of vibrant energy to any wardrobe, symbolizing new beginnings.

Red is not just a color - it embodies an attitude that radiates presence and self-confidence.

With our selection of designer handbags in bright red, we offer you the opportunity to integrate this energy into your daily appearance. The Lady Dior is an eye-catcher not only because of its colorfulness, but also because of its sublime details: structured stitching, significant Tag and the characteristic cannage pattern create sophisticated yet bold accents.

Pastel shades for soft elegance

The spring collection evokes an aura of gentle elegance, captured in delicate pastel shades. They reflect the lightness of the season and exude a sense of calm and serenity.

The pastel palette of our latest collection includes shades ranging from powdery pink and sky blue to mint green. These colors are complemented by classic styling and high-quality materials, such as the robust Caviar-leather of the Chanel Coco Handle Mini PinkThe colors are refined and thus present themselves in a sophisticated context. The delicate character of the colors blends with a captivating aesthetic that highlights the refined design craftsmanship and is a declaration of love for the finest detail work.

A touch of color, yet understated, is the hallmark of these bags. They are a subtle statement that combines elegance with a cheerful touch, as with the Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini Blue Microguccissima Leather. Their presence is subtle, but these accessories manage to discreetly complete an outfit and give it a fresh spring touch.

With this in mind, the pastel shades in the collection invite you to try out new combinations and expand your personal style repertoire. The careful selection of bags in refreshing yellow or soft pink allows you to create accents that reflect the warmth and renewing promise of spring. Take a look at our carefully curated selection to add zest and style to your spring wardrobe change.

Discover exclusive spring collection designs

The spring collection offers an exquisite selection of high-quality designer handbags that will delight every fashionista. With models such as the Dior Lady Dior Large Red Patent and the Chanel Coco Handle Mini Pink Caviar gold we present iconic it-pieces that impress with their vibrant shades and luxurious texture. The masterful craftsmanship and nuanced details of each one Bag make this collection an essential part of any sophisticated wardrobe.

Be inspired by the pastel hues and intense color accents of our handbag selection. Discover on secondhandbags.ch Treasures like the Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini Blue Microguccissima Leatherthat lend a distinguished freshness to any outfit. Conquer the world of fashion with incomparable elegance and a touch of spring magic.

Lady Dior in bright red

The Lady Dior Large Red Patent is a tribute to timeless elegance and modern design, tailor-made for the spring season. It captivates with its vibrant red, a shade that radiates energy and magnetically attracts the eye, accentuated by the iconic cannage pattern of the Maison Dior.

This Bag promises to become a central element of your spring wardrobe. It blends seamlessly into a variety of ensembles while adding opulent accents.

The patented surface reflects the spring light, creating a vibrant, shiny effect that impressively emphasizes the structured silhouette (with the characteristic Dior charms).

Inside the Lady Dior Bag conceals a spacious main compartment that combines elegance with functionality and is equipped with a zipper. 

Only a few accessories are able to inspire with such intensity. Indeed, the Lady Dior in bright red is a statement piece that gives the wearer a self-confident presence while stylishly highlighting her feminine attributes.

Finally, the Lady Dior in vibrant red reflects the House of Dior's commitment to craftsmanship. Every detail, every seam, presents a story of luxury and understated yet striking elegance.

Chanel Coco Handle in mini pink

The Chanel Coco Handle in mini pink is an ode to youthful elegance and sophisticated femininity. Its delicate pink reflects the lovely tones of spring and promises to make the heart of every fashion-conscious bag lover beat faster.

The mini format of this exquisite Chanel Bag is not only extremely trend-conscious, but also practical for the woman of the world who values lightness and comfort. The combination of the durable Caviar-leather and fine gold hardware gives this model a luxurious touch, while the compact design offers enough space for everyday essentials. A versatile companion that exudes a charming elegance both during the day and on evening occasions.

The Coco Handle proudly displays the iconic Chanel logo, which not only retains its value for years to come, but also makes a clear statement of premium style and prestige. The padded chevron quilting gives the Bag a texture that skilfully captures the play of light and shadow and thus brings out the color in an engaging way.

The carrying handle and detachable shoulder strap emphasize the versatile use of the Bag and offer the wearer the freedom to present it as a handbag or shoulder bag. With its feminine, pastel-colored charm, the Coco Handle in mini pink subtly sets colorful accents, making it an excellent addition to any sophisticated spring wardrobe. An exclusive piece that emphasizes the personality of its owner and combines elegance with a pinch of spring freshness.

Little moments of luxury

Enjoy the aesthetics and sophistication of our spring collectionthat makes every heart beat faster. A harmonious composition of bright red, pastel blue, delicate rosé and spring-like green opens up a spectrum full of emotion and style. The high-quality workmanship, exemplified by the shiny red patented leather of the Lady Dior Largereveals the exquisite materials and is thus a testimony to true luxury craftsmanship.

Discover these special companions that not only enrich your wardrobe with their unique design, but also celebrate your individuality. The Chanel Coco Handle Mini in pink caviarized leather adds a touch of exclusivity to any style and shines as an expression of pure handbag artistry.

Gucci's Mini Emily Crossbody Bag

The Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini in blue is a real gem from our spring collection. Its floral color concept is reminiscent of the first heralds of spring and will liven up any outfit with a fresh touch.

This miniature version in Microguccissima leather is the epitome of Gucci's attention to detail and brand-specific aesthetics. It combines traditional Florentine craftsmanship with contemporary design, making it stand out as a modern classic.

Its compact size and structured silhouette make it the ideal companion for the fashion-conscious woman who values functionality and sophistication. Complemented by the silver fittings, the luxurious flap opens with the unmistakable Gucci logo clasp.

Embrace the spring with this emblematic Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini - a piece that defines your style while embodying everyday luxury.

It-pieces in spring colors

Experience fashionable freshness with our spring collection.

This season's colors are dominated by vibrant reds, delicate sky blues, powdery pinks and fresh greens. Exquisitely integrated into the spring collection, the Dior Lady Dior Large in radiant red offers a visual statement in a class of its own. In addition, the Chanel Coco Handle Mini in pink or the Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini in blue add vibrant accents to the wardrobe of any fashion-conscious lady.

A celebration of pastel shades on your shoulder.

This selection does not only include certain models - it is a homage to the variety of spring colors. The color palette makes fashion hearts beat faster and celebrates the lightness and cheerfulness of the season.

Complement your spring look with a radiant yellow or a vibrant pink. These en vogue shades can be found in selected pieces from our collection and are predestined to serve as a colorful eye-catcher - a signal of optimism and renewal.

Find your personal icon among the latest pieces in our spring collection. Exclusivity and a high degree of style awareness characterize each individual piece - both in the choice of colours and in the workmanship. Visit our collection here and let yourself be enchanted by these it-pieces.

Trendsetters of the season

The spring collection blossoms in a symphony of bright and delicate colors that capture the zeitgeist of a refreshing season. Our range underlines your fashionable finesse with exquisite pieces such as the Dior Lady Dior Large in radiant red or the Chanel Coco Handle Mini in soft pink Caviar gold. These bags not only reflect your excellent taste, but also make a clear statement about your sense of style.

As part of this collection, we also present the Gucci Emily Crossbody Bag Mini in Blue Microguccissima Leather - an example of precise craftsmanship and iconic design. Each Bag from this carefully curated selection embodies an individual character, allowing you to tell your own personal story. The color palette of our spring collection, ranging from intense yellows and soft greens to bright pinks, offers the perfect companion for every follower of good taste.

Eye-catching shades of yellow and pink

In our spring collection you will also find an exquisite selection of bags in bright pink and intense yellow, which will enrich your wardrobe with freshness and expressiveness. The Fendi Selleria Handbag Pink Leather is a real eye-catcher with its vibrant pink and high-quality finish. It embodies passion and a sense of style and is sure to turn heads. The supple leather and precise stitching make this Bag a timeless classic that will give you years of pleasure.

Equally impressive is the Hermès Kelly Retourne 32 Pink Togo Palladium Bagwhich is a symbol of elegance and sophistication with its vibrant pink color and fine Togo leather. The iconic Kelly Bag by Hermès is known for its timeless beauty and perfect craftsmanship. With its spacious interior and signature flap closure, it is not only a fashion statement but also extremely practical for everyday use. The palladium hardware gives the Bag a touch of luxury and underlines its high-quality workmanship.

These pink and yellow bags are not only a fashion accessory, but also an expression of your personal expertise in fashion. They show your attention to detail and your sense of style. Combine these bags with your spring outfits and create bold accents that reflect your personality. Be ready to attract admiring glances and showcase your fashion expertise. Discover our spring collection today and find the perfect bag for you. Bagthat completes your look.

Care and protection for your treasures

Protect your accessory from the weather.

The longevity of your designer bags is no coincidence. High-quality materials such as the patent leather of the Dior Lady Dior Large or the Caviar-leather of the Chanel Coco Handle Mini require adequate care to preserve their beauty and structure. Depending on the type of leather, we recommend specialized care products that offer effective protection against UV rays and moisture.

Regular care preserves the value.

Care instructions should always be followed - whether in everyday life or when storing your beautiful items. We advise you to clean and condition your bags regularly to counteract the natural ageing process of the material. This ensures that the color intensity and suppleness of the leather is maintained for years to come.

Invest in professional care services.

Especially with high-end accessories such as our spring 2023 collection, it is well worth the investment in professional care services. Exclusive bags sometimes also require exclusive care services to prevent material damage and preserve their exquisite appearance in the long term. A number of qualified providers are available to treat your treasures with the utmost care and expertise.

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