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Chanel Boy Hardware Types - Photo by Secondhandbags
Chanel Boys of any strip, from the top right to the bottom right: gold glossy, antique gold, matt gold, silver shiny, ruthenium & ruthenium with an insert from enamel. / Ph oto by Secondhandbags

In this Secondhandbags Blog articles we introduce you to different Chanel hardware variants. Because Chanel also offers exciting colors away from the classic, golden hardware that can be perfectly matched to wardrobe and jewelry. Whether shiny or matt, Chanel has the right answer for every taste and outfit! Have fun discovering! 

1. Chanel Shiny Gold (gold glossy):

The classic among the Chanel hardware variants. Glossy gold and elegant. Until 2008, the classic, golden hardware from Chanel Classic Flap bags still had a alloy made of 24 carat gold, A small embossing on the closure of Classic Flap bags shows this. The embossing on the closure can vary depending on the year and place of production. Since 2008, Chanel has no longer spent hardware with a real gold share. The closures of older pockets are also flatter and the C's wider than the innovations at the closure. The members of the chain straps of older bags are also a bit larger. The materials of the hardware are still beyond any doubt today. Newer hardware is also extremely robust and stands for a long -lasting, somewhat lighter shine in the golden variant.

Chanel 24k Gold Hardware
Until 2008, the Golden Chanel Hardware still had a 24k alloy with a real gold content. / Photo by Secondhandbags
New Chanel Gold Hardware
The hardware has had a somewhat more delicate look since 2008 and comes without a stamp. / Photo by Secondhandbags

2. Chanel Pale Gold (light gold):

The color power of this hardware is a little lower and reminds of champagne with its color. The metal looks brighter than the classic golden variant. The hardware fits perfectly with bags made of light leather and bags with a metallic effect. And as you know, almost everything fits black ...

Chanel Pale Gold Hardware 1
Chanel hardware in the color variant Pale Gold is a little lighter than the classic golden shiny hardware. / Photo by Secondhandbags​​
Chanel Pale Gold Hardware 2
Also decorate diamond quilted leather! / Photo by Secondhandbags

Some of our most beautiful Chanel bags Secondhandbags:

3. Chanel matt gold (matt gold):

This hardware variant is somewhat less common and likes its matt appearance. Matt golden hardware in particular turns leather in pastel tones and dark leather a good figure. Especially when the favorite jewelry has this matt picture, a perfect coordination with the Bag Thanks to this variant.

Chanel Matt Gold Hardware
Chanel Boys are often equipped with somewhat more unusual hardware variants. / Photo by Secondhandbags
Chanel Matt Gold Hardware 2
Also makes a good figure with light leather: matt golden Chanel hardware .. / Photo by Secondhandbags

4. Chanel Antique Gold (Vintage Look):

This hardware variant has a special vintage look. The metal is matt and has a structure that Patina imitates. The metal experiences treatment that is significantly darker and gains a Russian effect. A little more unobtrusive than the shiny golden hardware variant. For example, it also fits excellently as a style breaker with not too serious outfits. 

Chanel Antique Gold Hardware
Matt golden hardware fits perfectly with leather types with a vintage look, such as Aged Calfskin leather. / Photo by Secondhandbags​​
Chanel Antique Gold Hardware 2
This Chanel Coco handle flap bag made of red Caviar Leather was equipped with mattgolden antique hardware in the vintage look. / Photo by Secondhandbags

Some of our most beautiful Chanel bags Secondhandbags:

5. Chanel Shiny Silver (shiny silver):

Chanel naturally also has the right hardware for silver lovers. The silver shiny variant gives many classics that certain something. It is particularly beautiful, for example, in combination with black Caviar Leather or also shiny patent leather.

Chanel Shiny Silver Hardware 1
Chanel Boy made of light brown paint leather with silver shiny hardware. / Photo by Secondhandbags
Chanel Shiny Silver Hardware 2
Gives black lambskin leather from Chanel Classics an elegant shine: Chanel's silver shiny hardware variant. / Photo by Secondhandbags

6. Chanel Ruthenium (vintage look):

The matt vintage variant of the silver hardware and the equivalent to the golden antique hardware, so to speak. Like Chanel's Aged Gold Hardware variant, the metal has a look that skillfully imitates patina.

Chanel Ruthenium Hardware 1
To see: Mattsilberner Ruthenium Closure of a Chanel Boy made of blue Lambskin leather! / Photo by Secondhandbags
Chanel Ruthenium Hardware 2
This Chanel Classic Double Flap was made of black lambskin leather, Mattsilberne Ruthenium Hardware rounds off the picture. / Photo by Secondhandbags

7. Chanel Iridident (colorful shimmering):

This Chanel Hardware variant has the colorful shimmering rainbow effect an oil film on the metal and gets along excellently to Chanel’s also Irididcent baptized leather variants in Calfskin or Caviar Leather quality. The look with changing colors belongs to newer color variants of the house and was one of the biggest trends in recent years. (Picture follows.)

Chanel bags are less used to use other materials than hardware. For example, the pockets are legendary Chanel’s so black line. The bags have been in production since the late 2000s. The bags are all made of black leather and also have black, shiny metal hardware. The bags are extremely in demand among fans and are only produced in small numbers. Furthermore find Other materials Your use: For example, Chanel’s Boy bags like to be with you Details made of enamel or plexed laid on the closures. (Follow pictures.)

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