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louis vuitton canvas Bag

You have recently invested in a new Louis Vuitton designer handbag, you loved it and showed it off to the world, but now it's in desperate need of some love and attention - a deep clean! In this blog, we'll take a closer look at what Louis Vuitton canvas actually is, the different canvas prints available and how to best care for your Louis Vuitton canvas.

What is Louis Vuitton canvas made from?

Before we start cleaning the famous Louis Vuitton canvas, we must first understand what the Louis Vuitton canvas is made of. Some Louis Vuitton lovers may be shocked to learn that canvas is NOT leather. In fact, the Louis Vuitton canvas is made from a cotton base that is then treated with a plastic called polyvinyl chloride (often referred to as coated canvas).

Other elements of your Louis VuittonBagHowever, other elements of your Louis Vuitton bag, such as the handles, are made of leather and should be cared for and treated differently than the durable canvas - especially vachetta leather (which is the light brown leather often used on Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas and Damier Azur Canvas bags).

The advantages of Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas compared to leather

Thanks to the polyvinyl chloride with which the cotton of the Bag cotton is coated with, your Louis Vuitton CanvasBag much more durable and resistant to heat, water and most chemicals. Although your Louis Vuitton canvasBag is not indestructible, canvas bags are generally more durable than leather bags and can last for many, many years with proper care and handling.

Why are Louis Vuitton canvas bags so expensive?

Now that we know that the coated canvas bags from Louis Vuitton are made from relatively cheap materials such as cotton with a polyvinyl chloride coating, you may be wondering why the canvas bags are so expensive. There are several factors at play here. For one, Louis Vuitton claims that you're not just paying for the materials used to make the bags. Bag but also for the exquisite craftsmanship of the bags and the quality controls. Of course, you are also paying for the brand. Louis Vuitton wouldn't be the most famous luxury brand in the world if it sold cheap bags - you buy a Louis VuittonBag not because it's cheap, but because you want the opposite.

However, if you look at the range Louis Vuitton bags the coated canvas bags, including the Neverfull and Speedy models, are actually among the brand's most affordable handbags. A Louis VuittonBag made from full-grain leather, such as a Capucines, retails for around three to four times the price of a canvas bag.Bag. Although Louis Vuitton canvas bags are not "cheap" compared to the market, Louis Vuitton canvas bags are actually the brand's most affordable bags.

The purchase of a Louis VuittonBag has other benefits as well, such as holding its value well since the brand and its bags are so coveted, and they can even rise well above retail price, making some Louis Vuitton bags a good investment (especially for limited editions).

The best way to clean LV canvas

Now that we know better what Louis Vuitton canvas is made of, we can take better care of our beautiful LV monogram.

LV canvas is much easier to care for than regular leather and is much easier to clean due to its durability. To keep your Louis Vuitton canvasBag canvas, simply take a clean, damp cloth for daily use and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Bag to remove any surface dirt. If you want a more thorough cleaning, we advise you to use a deep cleaner for leather. The canvas is not made of leather, but a leather cleaner will still help to remove stains, odors, dirt and bacteria from the canvas. We recommend the Simply Leather Deep Cleaner and Conditioner. For a low price, this is a fantastic cleaner that can also be used on leather parts (such as the handles) of your Louis Vuitton Bag can be used.

The different types of Louis Vuitton canvas

There are three types of canvas from which Louis Vuitton produces a selection of its bags. The range includes the famous monogram print with the LV and Fleur logos. Damier Ebene (dark brown) and Damier Azur (white/grey) both consist of a checkerboard pattern made up of two different colors.

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene canvas is one of the easier to care for types of canvas and looks new for longer. This is mainly due to the darker color of the canvas print, but also due to the treated leather that accompanies this canvas print. Damier Ebene canvas is paired with a dark brown leather that has been treated. This means that it will not show water stains and will not darken like vachetta leather. However, this darker leather that comes with Damier Ebene Canvas bags can sometimes "peel" at the coating and come away from the handles. For these reasons, it is often considered the "easiest to care for" canvas option from Louis Vuitton.

How to clean louis vuitton damier azur canvas

Since the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas with its white and grey-blue coloration is the lightest of the canvas variants, this canvas can show the most stains. It is worth noting that the Damier Azur canvas is just as strong as the monogram and the Damier Ebene canvas, but it tends to show more dirt and stains and therefore requires more daily care if it is heavily used or has ever had anything spilled on it.

How to clean colored/printed Limited Edition Louis Vuitton canvas?

Louis Vuitton often releases limited edition prints on its canvas, including color prints as well as overlays on things like the classic monogram canvas. As a rule, a limited edition print does not affect the canvas fabric and the Bag can be cleaned as usual. Some limited edition LV canvas bags may have a lighter color, and these bags should be handled with extra care to avoid staining. To clean a printed or limited edition bag, follow the same procedure and wipe the canvas daily with a soft, clean, damp cloth and use a cleaner and conditioner for the canvas every 6 to 12 months. Bag.

The best products for cleaning LV canvas

To keep your LVBag canvas on a daily basis, simply take a damp, clean cloth (ideally white or light colored) and gently wipe the canvas. We recommend doing this very carefully and avoiding contact with the vachetta leather as water can damage the leather and leave stains.

How to remove a stain from your Louis Vuitton canvas

If you stain something larger on your Louis Vuitton CanvasBag such as coffee or food, try to remove it immediately with a clean cloth and water. We then recommend a deeper cleaning product, such as Simply Leather Care Cleanser. This cleaner is designed for leather and helps to deep clean the canvas but is still gentle on the canvas. Simply apply a small amount of this cleaner to a clean white cloth and gently rub it into the canvas in a circular motion.

Why does Louis Vuitton canvas tear?

Despite its durability and longevity, Louis Vuitton canvas is not indestructible and can tear and split if not cared for properly.

Canvas is more resistant than leather, but it can tear if it is folded over a long period of time, if it becomes brittle due to frequent exposure to the sun/lack of care or if it is damaged by brute force (e.g. too much weight or pulling/tearing).

It is also worth noting that certain Louis Vuitton handbag models are more susceptible to tears in the canvas than others. Louis Vuitton bags with a cowhide leather trim are less likely to tear, while bags that are canvas only with no leather trim are more likely to tear. Again, this can be due to trauma and use over time and is particularly common with canvas, which has the opening of the Bag forms the opening. For older canvas bags in particular, it is advisable to clean and condition the canvas and leather at least once a year. Conditioning canvas and leather helps to restore the moisture content of the materials so that they are less likely to become brittle and crack.

How to repair torn Louis Vuitton canvas?

If you already own a Louis VuittonBag that unfortunately already has some tears, you should know that the tears often don't get much worse and usually don't spread if the Bag used carefully.

To repair torn canvas, we advise you to use the Bag to a professional repair service to avoid costly mistakes. Usually, the torn canvas is repaired with very strong glue to put the canvas back together. However, it is much easier to avoid tears in the first place by using your Louis Vuitton CanvasBag carefully - our care tips are

Keep the Bag in your Dustbag (not in the box) so that it can breathe.

Place the Bag to direct sunlight as little as possible when you store it or when it is in use.

Do not bend the canvas and store the Bag not folded/creased.

Avoid folding the Bag overfilling or putting too much weight on them.

Use a conditioner for canvas and leather every 6 - 12 months, depending on how often you use your LV canvas and leather shoes.Bag use.

How to repair scratched Louis Vuitton canvas

Even though Louis Vuitton canvas is very durable, canvas bags can still get scratched if they come into contact with abrasive surfaces or sharp objects. Always remember where you put your Bag If it is placed on the floor or dragged across a surface, you can expect damage such as scratches on the bottom of the bag, especially on the corners (common with Neverfull and Speedy bags if they are not well cared for). Unfortunately, once Louis Vuitton canvas is scratched or worn, it cannot be easily repaired.

We therefore advise you to replace your canvasBag to a restoration specialist. Before doing so, however, you can try using a gentle leather cleaner to remove color and dirt from the scratch so that it becomes less visible.

How to repair torn Louis Vuitton canvas?

If your Louis Vuitton canvasBag has come into contact with a sharp object or has caught on something sharp, this can lead to a tear in the canvas. A tear can also occur in the Bag and damage the textile lining. A tear in the sailcloth is comparable to a rip, but can be more serious. In this case, a professional repair is required, using glue and craftsmanship to repair the canvas. If you have a tear repaired, remember that this area is more susceptible to tearing again and must be treated much more carefully.

Does Louis Vuitton repair damaged canvas?

Louis Vuitton often refuses to repair damaged bags and will not repair daily wear and tear. However, they will repair any craftsmanship issues, such as some glazing problems as well as stitching, but not tears or cracks in the canvas. Louis Vuitton also offers the replacement of leather such as handles and trims. In order for Louis Vuitton to replace the leather, the canvas of the Bag in perfect Condition condition. Replacing leather (e.g. handles) can be incredibly expensive (about half the price of the canvas). Bag).

When you replace your Louis Vuitton CanvasBag you should contact a professional repair service. Make sure you do your homework and choose a reputable brand that can prove its craftsmanship through previous repairs on similar bags.

The advantages of having your Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag care

Louis Vuitton is the most recognizable luxury brand in the world and therefore generally in high demand as people seek a piece of this luxurious world. The Louis Vuitton canvas of all prints is instantly recognizable and therefore these classic bags (especially the Neverfull and the Speedy) often fetch high prices, even after many years of use. The better the Condition of your Louis VuittonBag is, the higher the resale price will be when you do decide to part with it one day. The advantages of cleaning and caring for your Louis Vuitton canvasBag are:

A higher resale price

A more desirable Bag for use

Many more years of use compared to a damaged and unloved one Bag

Our best care tips for your Louis Vuitton canvas bagBag

Be very careful where you store your Bag and never drag it across a surface. Place the Bag always place it lightly on a clean surface.

Wipe the Bag daily with a clean, damp cloth.

Clean and care for your Bag every 3-12 months, depending on how often you use it.

Keep the Bag away from direct sunlight when not in use in your Dustbag away from direct sunlight.

Buy a luxury handbag liner to protect the lining of your Bag from dirt and stains. A lining also helps to maintain the shape of your Bag when it is used and stored.

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