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As the Black Friday buzz kicks in, we thought it would be awesome to grab some of our cool team members to spill their shopping secrets. Get ready for tips, a sneak peek behind the curtain and get to know them a tad better. 

My strategy for mastering Black Friday starts with choosing my battlefield: online shopping - as I prefer to avoid large crowds. I curate a wishlist a few weeks in advance; it's the ultimate game plan to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Also, I never forget my secret weapon – signing up for exclusive early bird deals and newsletters.

I'm no wild shopper – all my purchases are justified and necessary haha. I often think long term, like the time I scored big on my rattan cupboard. 

My go-to Black Friday anthem "Thanda" by Caiiro and Pixie L keeps the vibes groovy yet still calm to keep the head right :)

 -Celine, Social Media Manager

Shopping isn't exactly my thing and I would not be caught in a physical store on Black Friday however I love a great online deal. I embrace the early online bird philosophy, always on the lookout for exclusive offers through newsletter sign-ups. Nothing excites me more than being able to bulk up on my hair products at a discounted rate. This year though, I'm hoping to score a new laptop! :)

My go-to shopping jam is Fergie ft Ludacris in 'Glamorous' – it's an oldie but definitely a goldie. My top tip: Plan like a boss! Know where you're headed and what you're after.

Don't forget to dance when you score big! 

-Shivonne, E-commerce Product Manager

No impulse moves over here—I am a planner so I always make a list of what I would like to purchase beforehand and subscribe to the newsletters of those brands to receive early bird deals. 

I prefer online shopping because it's less rushed and crowded, allowing me to cam-shop multiple stores simultaneously.

This year, I'm on a scent-sational mission to snag some perfumes! My ultimate Black Friday score has to be my Tommy Hilfiger ice cream sneakers :). To amp up my excitement for deals, I crank up the vibes with 'Westworld' by Evan Giia!

Go-to tip: Quality over quantity is always a good investment.

-Kyra, Performance Marketer

Ah, the Black Friday battlefield! My secret weapon is setting multiple alarms with snacks strategically stationed.  Online shopping all the way! No crowds, no lines, and I can rock my PJs while scoring epic deals. It's a win-win-WIN situation. This year, I'm eyeing a blender that promises to make smoothies as smooth as a baby alien's bottom. Fingers crossed it goes on sale! 

Spur-of-the-moment buy: got a pet rock named Rocky. No regrets, just rocks! My jam for breaking free from regular prices is "I Want to Break Free" by Queen. 

Pro-tip: Stretch those deal-hunting muscles, hydrate like you're training for a marathon, and may the sales be ever in your favor. :)

-Nonkosi, Creative Strategist

I'm not a big Black Friday shopper, but there's something about those website countdowns that gets me excited! Especially at stores where I get to snag some amazing facial creams and stylish home decor at a discounted price :). 

In my opinion Cyber Monday is where the real action is.

I'm an online shopping lover, but I like to hit up the stores in person to scope out the goodies. It's like a pre-shopping party, and that’s my pro-tip!

My theme song for a shopping adventure would totally be Madonna's "Material Girl.

- Renata, Saleswoman

No early bird strategy for me; the thrill of new discoveries beats sticking to a plan! Despite being an in-store enthusiast, I'll embrace online magic to dodge Black Friday chaos. My shopping anthem? Ariana Grande's 'Successful' turns me into a confident shopper, justifying every bag purchase.

Pro-tip for the ladies: Girls, keep those classic Chanel and Hermes bags in mind. They don't often go on sale, but who knows.

Consider girl math. Return one bag, splurge on another; it's essentially a discount. Think of all the adventures you'll have with the bag and how many years it'll stay looking fab! – it's a worthy investment:)

-Belle, CEO

So there you have it, tips from the team! If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter yet, we strongly encourage you to do so now :). By doing this, you'll be among the first to access exclusive insights into our incredible Black Friday deals. Additionally, in case you missed it, we may or may not have subtly hinted at what could be part of our Black Friday sale

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